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Austin. 20. Moved to SoCal in Summer 2014. I don't know anyone down here.
Anonymous asked: What do you think is the meaning of life?


I think the meaning of life is to find a meaning for yourself and do everything you can to be successful with whatever meaning you give to life. If you think the meaning of life is help others live better lives, do it. If you think the meaning of life is to devote yourself to God, do it. If you think the meaning of life is to be happy, do it. But no matter what it is, I think you should put effort into doing whatever you have to do to give your life meaning whether it be a physical thing like talking to people to make sure they’re okay or a mental thing like coming to the conclusion that you are happy with everything that has happened. This being said, I don’t think we should force our personal meaning of life onto others when they have the ultimate choice of how they want to live their lives. So it I think it is important to have some respect for people who don’t live with the same meaning that you do. Lastly those that don’t ever find a meaning to their life, never truly live (but you can come to a conclusion that something was the meaning to your life on your deathbed and still have lived a life full of meaning, so just because you haven’t found your meaning doesn’t mean you’re not living). 

Sorry to get deep on y’all. 


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